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And if having a choice didn’t make things hard enough

As I alluded to in A Prelude to Something Longer, I would have more to say on the subject of Endomondo vs. Strava. I am happy to report that I still have nothing to report. But I felt I had to expound on the segment feature of Strava.

This is the claim to fame for Strava. Users creating segments, virtually racing each other and at the same time gather useful training data. What makes the segment data so much more useful than Endomondo’s static benchmarks (mile, 5k, Cooper, etc.) is that you can set distance benchmarks for varying terrains. Now I still think the static benchmarks are awesome. Even more so at the moment for myself, just getting back into running. Every week I squeeze out a new personal best on the mile… that is a good feeling. The two combined are great.

Here’s what is starting to irk me about Endomondo and personal benchmarking. Long ago, they introduced routes. If you made your routes public, you could kind of “race” other users. Kind of like Strava, but before they came around. My big problem is that I have to manually match my workout to my routes. That means spending time on a website, on my laptop, every time I ride. I ride at least two times a day and I don’t want more work after the fact.

With Strava I can get as granular as I want, and I’ve started to because I know that once I set it I won’t have to check on it.

So it sounds like Strava is the way to go… Maybe. I don’t know. I think Strava might be for the serious hobbyist. Not for the weekend walker, casual trail hiker or whatever. Why am I so on the fence? Well, despite recent idiotic choices by the Endomondo management, I have history with them. Over five years worth. I have also brought people to the service and I don’t want to back out of that.

Endomondo was once the best for everyone… now I wonder.

The lost week

This week was supposed to contain 100 miles in the saddle and at least 5 on foot. Sickness, and insanely cold temps (for March) has put a stopper on that.
There will be 0 miles on foot and if I am lucky, about 30 in the saddle.
I was really hoping to crush the winter months’ mileage with a single blow.
Yesterday, first day of Spring, right? Why is it 17° outside then?

Ugh… There’s always next week. Maybe.

A prelude to something longer

For the past week I’ve been running Strava and Endomondo side by side on separate devices while on my rides.
My thought was that I wanted to make a choice. Which one is better? The short answer, I think, is neither.
I like Strava’s segment idea. That is seriously very cool. I don’t think Endomondo can do that now without looking more than a little lame.
Endomondo on the other hand tells me automatically when I’ve surpassed a personal best, no programming required. Though, admittedly, personal bests on  routes would be cool, which exists but applying routes to workouts is a pain. That should be more streamlined.
The respective websites are about as different as you can get. Endomondo is noisy and cluttered, and if you are a premium member, hosts a ton of information.
Strava’s site seems very clean and lean, lean to the point of one’s wondering if something is missing. It’s not missing, you just have to know where to look.
From what I understand, if you aren’t a premium member of Endomondo, you miss out on what some believe to be basic information. I wouldn’t know. The premium membership is $20 a year and the premium (or pro) app is $5. Bad marketing there in my opinion.
Strava’s membership is $60 a year and I haven’t quite figured out why one would do that. I mean you get HR zone analysis… But beyond that, I don’t know. $60 a year is a lot to pay for any Web service, so I imagine there must be something super special about it.

All this rambling boils down to neither one being better than the other. Which, to me, is a disappointment.
A more in depth review of features and capabilities is needed and that is why this is a prelude to something longer.

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Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

Strava Running and Cycling GPS
Strava Inc.

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Yesterday morning I pushed myself harder than I had in months. This morning I am regretting it. Hell, I was regretting it last night.
The thing is, I’ve started running. I am anything but a strong runner. Last week, my first run, took me 6 days to recover. I am only running a mile, slowly at that, so when I say I am a weak runner, I mean weak.
Well, I ran yesterday morning, second time this week. I was very proud of myself. Then I jumped on my bike and went almost 13 miles at a pace I haven’t seen since the Fall… In below-freezing temperatures. Proper gear or not, exercising in 28°f weather is hell on your body.
I know a lot of this comes down to nutrition. I burned almost 1200 calories before walking into work. My breakfast was less than 700… Today is even lower.
What do I do about today? Cut it short and recover; Or push again (minus the running) to force strength back into my body?


The time has come to reevaluate some things.
After Monday’s run and the subsequent decline of my health, it has made me wonder.
I’ve been trying to get a better handle on food, go veggie-centric. I now believe that may have been a mistake. The past two weeks, weekends not included, I have been eating very nearly as a vegetarian. I’ve learned, however, that eating like that does absolutely nothing for calorie intake. I’ve also learned that changing your diet and your training plan at the same time is a very stupid thing to do.
So… More protein in the morning, bigger breakfast all around I think. Still with nuts and fruit during the day and keep doing what I’ve been doing for dinner.
If I can keep myself from being sick today and getting proper sleep again, I think I can run tomorrow.
If my historical graphs are anything to be believed, my milage on the bike is going to start increasing dramatically in the next month. I need to get control of the nutrition aspect pronto.

I’m going to stop now. I don’t think I came here to talk about this.